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Mockup suggests a revival for the Mac Pro

An update for Apple's line of professional computers, the Mac Pro, is being discussed a lot recently. The last possibility indicates a post-March launch, with the incorporation of new Intel processors, based on the Nehalem EP architecture.

The Mac Pro was introduced by Apple in August 2006 during WWDC and its last update took place just over a year ago, in January 2008, with the adoption of Intel Xeon Dual processors quad-core 3.2GHz. When it comes to the design of the Mac Pro, the situation gets even worse. It adopted the characteristics of its predecessor, the Power Mac G5, with very few changes.

With that, the MacBlogz believes that Apple, together with the hardware update, will launch a new design for the Mac Pro. According to them, the changes will not be drastic, but will give a new face to Ma's high-end computer. Check out the mockup with everything they think needs to be done:

Among the changes expected by them is a better use of the new aluminum manufacturing process acquired by Apple in the construction of machines such as the basic MacBooks, Air and Pro. Say goodbye to the famous ?cheese grater? grid (both front and back), that will be replaced by a new one, totally micro-perforated with laser as well as the holes in the speakers of MacBooks Pro. Support for the new 24-inch LED Cinema Displays should also occur, as well as the incorporation of two Mini DisplayPorts.

Mac Pro mockup

They also believe that Apple will replace traditional optical drives (with tray) with models slot-loading, similar to those used in all other models of Macs which I personally believe is a little unlikely. Have you seen how easy these drives screw up? Not to mention that making any upgrade to Mac Pro quite difficult.

Mac Pro mockup

And you, what did you think of this mockup?