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IBM prepares the world's fastest new computer (again)

Only seven months before the launch of what is now considered the fastest computer in the world, IBM has just announced that it is already designing its successor. If the Roadrunner, the current champion, has a processing capacity of 1 petaflop, the new computer, codenamed Sequoia, will have a speed of 20 petaflops, with 1 petaflop equivalent to the absurd amount of 1 quadrillion calculations per second, that is, the combined processing power of 2 million notebooks of average configuration.

O Sequoiaand a smaller computer called Dawnare being built in Rochester, Minnesota. Its main function is to use it in simulating nuclear tests, but IBM says that they will also be used in complex tasks, such as weather forecasting and oil exploration.

According to the manufacturer, the Sequoia consume six megawatts a year to run energy equivalent to supplying 500 homes in the United States, as well as the Roadrunner, and occupy an area of ??318 square meters.

(Via: Forbes.)