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Believe me: it is still possible to sync the first iPod (launched 14 years ago) with iTunes 12!

If someone asked me, I would probably answer that no. But believe me: it is still possible to use / synchronize the first iPod (released by Apple in October 2001) with the latest version of iTunes (12.1).

First iPod working with iTunes 12.1

Matthew Pearce posted the video below on his YouTube channel showing that the iPod + iTunes duo is still holding hands even after 14 years obviously, I need to use an adapter to plug the 1st generation iPod into any newer Apple computer already none of them has the FireWire 400 connector.

As a curiosity, in addition to a FireWire port, this iPod had 5GB / 10GB of space for storage, the famous Click Wheel, a 2-inch (black and white) LCD screen and cost from US $ 400.

Considering how quickly technology evolves in such a short time, it is incredible to see that it is still possible to use that iPod with the latest iTunes after so long.

(via 9to5Mac)