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Video: check out an Apple Watch Hermès unboxing [atualizado: mais um]

As we reported, the new collection Herms of Apple Watch started to be officially sold yesterday.

Above, you can see a video of unboxing of the product in its version with the bracelet Single Tour brown that starts at $ 1,100 in the United States.

Overall, we see that it looks a lot like the normal stainless steel Apple Watch. The box has the same dimensions and content, with subtle differences only in its design and colors. The Herms brand is stamped on everything, including the back of the watch itself. His watchOS also comes personalized with a unique dial.

Who liked it?

[via 9to5Mac]

Update · 10/06/2015 s 15:58

O iMore made another one, this one of the model with the bracelet Double Tour from Herms:

[tip from Leonardo Freitas]