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Traveling with your iGadget: Moscow!


Continuing our series Traveling with your iGadget who has already passed through Rome, Orlando, New York and Paris, it was time for the cool (in winter) Moscow!

Go ahead: if you expect to find people speaking English and / or signs for tourists in Russia, forget it! It's not that simple (at first it scares), but then you get the hang of it and realize that it's not all that monster.

At first, I strongly recommend the application below, with some of the most basic phrases in Russian. It works without the need for internet and can be a great puzzle.

Learn Russian - Phrasebook for Travel in Russia, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, Omsk app icon

For transportation, a basic study of the Irish alphabet, as some metro stations in the capital only have characters in this format.

Cirlico Alphabet

Study the metro map a little before arriving in the country. From any airport it is possible to take an express train (Aeroexpress) with connection to metro stations. Both the train and * all * metro cars have free Wi-Fi even in those that are still compositions from the era of the Soviet Union!

An interesting thing about metro stations is that many of them are true works of art:

Another highlight is the impressive depth of the stations, with quick access through giant escalators:

For about 180 rubles (~ R $ 8) it is possible to make 5 trips. Cards can be purchased from automatic machines with English support that accept both credit cards and cash.

Now, be careful with the name of the stations, many of them are very similar! To help you get around:

Sorry, app not found.

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Moscow Pass

If you want to save time and money on attractions, there is the Moscow Pass (Moscow Pass). Similar to the model of other cities in the world, the card is a mix of map / attraction guide and ticket, allowing access to more than 50 attractions of the Russian capital such as the Cathedral of So Baslio, for a fixed price. Here are the prices:

  • 1 day: 30 (about R $ 100);
  • 2 days: 70 (about R $ 230);
  • 5 days: 90 (about R $ 295).

As it does not have some of the main attractions, such as the Kremlin, and does not have any advantages in relation to transportation in the city, I recommend a very careful evaluation before purchase.

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To find attractions without using the internet, I recommend the Triposo line of apps:

Russia Travel Guide by Triposo app icon

With support for offline maps, routes and various information, in addition to photos of the city's attractions, a fantastic companion to explore the city! Free, it has internal purchases (In-App Purchases) that further increase resources.

I hope you liked the tips. Have a good trip and see you next time!