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Steve Jobs's widow tried to stop the release of the film starring Michael Fassbender

The film "Steve Jobs" debut in the United States this Friday, October 9th. Scripted by Aaron Sorkin, directed by Danny Boyle and starring Michael Fassbender, this seems at least for now to be the main film that portrays the co-founder of Apple. And that caused concern both in Jobs' lives and in close friends, according to the Wall Street Journal. The reason? For them, what is shown in the film is in fact a very dark image of Jobs.

Bill Campbell, Jobs' personal friend and a former member of Apple's board of directors, said that "an entire generation thinks of him differently if they see a film that describes him in a negative way", adding that "if they want to do it It's a drama, they shouldn't be doing it at someone else's expense. He's not here to defend himself. ?

Laurene Powell Jobs' discontent is such that she tried to even prevent production from continuing without success. For her, not only this but some recent films (for example, "Steve Jobs: Man in the Machine") that portray Jobs simply ignore his achievements, painting the former Apple boss as a cruel and inhuman person.

We are talking about a film based on the authorized Steve Jobs biography, written by Walter Isaacson. It was Jobs himself who chose Isaacson to be the author of the book, but unfortunately he did not resist the battle against cancer and died before he even saw the work being released.

it is difficult to say whether Jobs would like the final result or not; however, family and friends (including current Apple executives) did not like what they saw and, even so, felt the need to collaborate with another book called "Becoming Steve Jobs".

People linked to the movie "Steve Jobs" even offered Laurene some role in his development, but she refused. According to producer Scott Rudin, Jobs' cheerleader refused to discuss anything in Sorkin's script that bothered her, despite his repeated requests. She just talked about how much she disliked the book and that any film based on it couldn't be accurate.

Taking this into account, you can understand why Jobs' family and close friends were not very much like this new film. On the other hand, defending the production, we have Steve Wozniak (co-founder of Apple alongside Jobs).

Woz, who received $ 200,000 to be a production consultant, said he understands that the film does not accurately portray real events and that more about Jobs' personality. For him, the film did a great job.

In an interview with Re / codeAndy Hertzfeld (one of the designers involved in creating the Macintosh, played by Michael Stuhlbarg) said that the film deviates from reality at all times and that almost nothing in it as it actually happened. But in the end it does not matter, since the purpose of the film is to entertain, inspire and stir the audience and not portray the exact reality. More than that, the film tries and sometimes manages to explore and expose the deepest truths behind Jobs' unusual personality and behavior.

Hertzfeld went on to argue with Sorkin about how important it is to portray things as they happened, but the screenwriter hit the key that this is not a documentary and that veracity is secondary to this type of artistic consideration. Ultimately Hertzfeld agreed with him and said that while it is difficult to judge the film since he participated in everything in real life, the whole thing is brilliantly written and done, with a lot of humor and feeling.

Maybe even as an answer to all that, Apple gave in ABC a video showing Jobs in "relaxed" moments within the company, in meetings with his team of executives.

Among the scenes are Jobs asking his team to enter Apple stores and open up employees; thanking the people involved in creating the iPhone the day before it was released; and trying to explain why he was still wearing jeans over there.

On a related note, Woz and actor Seth Rogen (who played him in the film) participated in a picture of The Tonight Show called "True Confessions") and talked a little about the possible true stories. Woz's involves an armed robbery with Jobs as they leave a pizzeria:

See the video above to find out what was stolen and if the story is really true.

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