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NASA confirms it is working on the first film to be shot in space

Jim Bridenstine is one of NASA's administrators and it was through him that we learned that the American space agency is developing what will be the first film recorded in space. In his Twitter account, Bridenstine said that the International Space Station will be one of the scenarios of the film.

The tweet also tells us that Tom Cruise is involved in the project that, according to the official, is being thought to "inspire a new generation of engineers and scientists to carry out NASA's plans" for the future.

The role of the American actor in the project is still unclear, but since he is known for performing his own acrobatics in the action films he stars in, it would not be surprising if Cruise ended up going to EEI to record some scenes. It is difficult to imagine a more complicated acrobatics than to star in a film in space.

The Verge contacted NASA to gather more comments about the project, but for now, the space agency is refusing to give further details. "We will talk more about the film at the right time. It would be premature to give more information," he replied through a spokesman.

Even before the official announcement, Deadline reported that Tom Cruise was working with NASA and SpaceX on a film that was going to be recorded in space, but there are still no official indications to confirm the involvement of the company headed by Elon Musk. However, it is important to remember that SpaceX will begin transporting astronauts to the International Space Station towards the end of this month, through the Dragon Dragon, its most recent space vehicle.