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Keep productivity and leisure quarantined through the connected home

LG shared some tips and products that can help productivity and leisure during the pandemic

With social isolation, all work and leisure activities are now done primarily at home. In addition to a well-organized routine, good equipment that facilitates day-to-day tasks is essential during this delicate period that we are going through.

Thinking about it, the LG shows that our home can be the environment to work, socialize, have fun and maintain daily activities, through the use of technology. Connected devices help you stay productive at work, and bring fun to you and your family.

Check out some device recommendations made by LG to make your day-to-day better during quarantine.

Productivity and fun with your Smart TV

LG OLED C9You can use your Smart TV to improve productivity during social isolation

Smart TV can be very useful for you who are doing home office during quarantine. There are a few ways to connect it and start work or video calls within seconds.

You can mirror your smartphone to show the content on the TV screen. For smartphone users Android, just use the function Miracast on your Smart TV. If you have a iPhone, you only need to activate AirPlay 2. In addition, you can connect your notebook using an HDMI cable, being able to share the same content on the Smart TV screen, or use it as a second screen.

If you are looking for a Smart TV, we recommend LG OLED C9, a model with 4K resolution, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Bluetooth 5.0 and Google Assistant. This TV is one of the most complete in the company and exactly why we chose it as one of the best Smart TVs of 2019.

LG OLED C9 Smart TVFor moments of leisure and productivity, we recommend the LG OLED C9

THE OLED C9 leaves the factory with a dedicated 2 generation a9 processor and AI, with improved image, sound and brightness. With the panel OLED, a C9 it has a minimalist and ultra-thin design, which makes the look of your room still beautiful. In addition, your control has Magic Remote with integrated microphone, with dedicated keys to access Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, for you to enjoy your favorite movies and series after hours.

What did you think of this model? It is available in three different sizes: 55 (R $ 6,174.05), 65 (R $ 11,969.05) and 77 (R $ 36,099.05).

UltraWide monitor for creative work and games

LG UltraWide monitor to help productivityUltraWide Monitor is an interesting option for those looking for productivity in the home office

Still for the home office, productivity guaranteed with a consistent machine with a large monitor. For creative professionals and programmers, an UltraWide monitor makes all the difference. And for leisure, you can use it in games and have an even more immersive experience.

For all this, the Showmetech recommends LG UltraWide 29 ?21: 9 Full HD IPS with Screen Split 2.0 (29WK500-P). It is a device that meets the needs of anyone (with work or games) in addition to having an attractive cost-benefit. The monitor has an IPS LCD display, resolution of 25601080 and brightness of 250 cd / m2. In addition, it has two HDMI inputs for you to connect your notebook and another device, such as a video game, set-top box or even another computer.

Large monitor from LG for work productivity and gamersIn addition to helping productivity, this monitor also allows good immersion for gamers

The images displayed on this monitor are accurate, rich and leave no perceptible pixels. Therefore, you will be able to play and watch movies / series with great quality on a great device at a very affordable price. What did you think of this option? He is selling on the internet for R $ 1,349.00.

Bluetooth speaker for physical activities

With quarantine, many people are doing physical activities at home through videos in the YouTube and on other platforms. Unlike some audio devices, you can connect a bluetooth speaker and take it to the best environment in your home, and do the exercises.

The use of a device like this can also be useful during work, when the sound from the notebook / computer is not powerful for making video calls, or just to enjoy the sunset on the balcony of the house.

Bluetooth speaker LG XBOOM Go PK7Bluetooth speaker LG XBOOM Go PK7

For you who are looking for a bluetooth speaker for leisure or work, the Showmetech indicates the XBOOM Go PK7, gives LG. With the calibration of Meridian, this gadget guarantees powerful bass and, with the Enhanced Bass feature, the user gets an even more intense experience. With the Clear Vocal button, you can adjust the treble for crystal clear audio and pleasant volume.

O LG XBOOM Go PK7 water resistant (IPX5 certified), and its powerful battery lasts for 22 hours. Her transportation is another highlight thanks to the wings that LG designed for the appliance. What do you think of this option for quarantine? THE PK7 can be acquired by R $ 1,362.99.

Domestic activities: Lava and Dry

With everyone confined, cleaning activities at home became even more frequent. So if you think about changing some of your appliances, bet on a lava and dry is a good recommendation. Today, many brands have more modern, technological equipment that saves a lot of time.

LG Lava and DryA modern washer and dryer allows you to have more leisure time and productivity

Last year, LG presented its new line of Lava and Drought in Brazil. A machine that indicates the LG Smart VC2 11kg Black Stainless, an AI DD model, with the intelligence to recognize all types of fabrics and ideal washing. Time and energy savings are guaranteed with the TurboWash 360 configuration, which gets your clothes ready in up to 40 minutes.

A great advantage of this machine connected to the option of using LG ThinQ, which allows you to follow the entire distance washing process on your smartphone. Liked Lava and Drought LG Smart VC2 11kg Black Stainless? It is already available in Brazil for R $ 4,302.55.

Dual Screen Cell Phone

LG G8X ThinQ Dual ScreenNew LG G8X ThinQ Dual Screen

Finally, a recommendation for you who are looking for a new cell phone, whether for work or for everyday use. For productivity, LG indicates the G8X ThinQ Dual Screen, – the company's two-screen smartphone. With it, the user can do many activities that only such a device provides.

For example, while making video calls from one side, the other screen can be used to read news. There is also the possibility to let your child watch some drawing while you use the other display to view recipes.

O G8X ThinQ Dual Screen it has two Full HD + OLED displays of 6.4 and 10802340 pixels. Its glass construction in the front (Gorilla Glass 6) and rear (Gorilla Glass 5), while the sides are made of aluminum. It is also IP68 certified, ie resistant to water and dust.

LG G8X ThinQLG G8X ThinQ Dual Screen allows many modes of use

With regard to cameras, the Dual Screen smartphone comes with two cameras: one 12MP and the other secondary 13MP ultrawide. The front, in turn, 32MP.

What did you think of LG G8X ThinQ Dual Screen? The model is available in our country for around R $ 3,499.

Source: LG.