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Graph of the day: the peak of complaints about “slow iPhones” since 2008

The graph above, shared yesterday by Statista, very curious and interesting. It shows, from 2008 to c, the volume of searches on Google for "slow iPhone" with the peak occurring in 2013, after the launch of the iPhones 5s and 5c.

D to get some things out of:

  • The average volume as a whole has grown, after all, the number of users of iPhones also grows exponentially year by year.
  • All the peaks occurred shortly after the launch of new models, but that also coincides with the release of new versions of iOS.
  • Despite the spikes, the search volume on the subject returns to normal quite quickly in about two weeks, just.

There are two possible explanations for the phenomenon: the first is psychological and has to do with the launch of newer and faster devices; the second, more plausible, has to do with the effect that iOS updates have on old iPhones.

Taking the second possibility as the most certain, the explanation for the thing to "calm down" later must have to do with subsequent system updates released by Apple with corrections, users who decide to restore their devices from scratch and have a better experience, or simply the fact that many "get used" to the performance after a certain number of days.

We can only be sure of that: in 2016, as soon as the iPhones 7 and 7 Plus and iOS 10 (iOS X?) Come out, we will see a new avalanche of people complaining about the same thing.

(via Cult of Mac)