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Government guarantees licenses of digital manuals for students later this year

At the Council of Ministers held this Thursday, it was decided to invest in the acquisition of digital licenses for school manuals that will be distributed by students during the academic year 2019/2020. The measure covers all public education students that are compatible with the current gratuity measures.

In a statement, the Government explains that this resolution is in line with one of the objectives contained in the Program of the current executive, in the proposal to increase connectivity and access to Internet schools and provide them with resources that promote the transversal integration of technologies in different curricular areas, the use of digital educational resources and the teaching of code and robotics.

Another decree-law approved by the Council of Ministers is the diploma that establishes, on an experimental basis, the remoteness of authentic acts, terms of authentication of private documents and recognitions. This measure aims to meet the needs imposed by the state of emergency, with regard to the practice of face-to-face acts.

Thus, private documents that thus far required the presence of the respective interested parties before the professional in the establishments are recognized and authenticated. The online birth declaration is also included in the diploma, albeit in an exceptional and temporary format.