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Beautiful in the mirror and ugly in the photo? Understand why

Although they think they are beautiful when they see themselves in the mirror, many people 'find' their appearance in photos; know the reason

Are you one of those who looks more beautiful in the mirror than when you see yourself in Photograph? If your answer is "yea", know that many people share this feeling.

Even if your friends say you looked great in the picture, something looks strange: sometimes your hair is not cool, the proportion of your face, his expression … as if the camera captured another person; Someone is different from what you know for yourself.

?Don't take pictures of me. I'm not photogenic! ?

This phenomenon is called Photogeny, the way we see ourselves through the photo can be influenced by a number of variables: factors such as angle, lighting and even the equipment used can transform a scene. Even so, photography paper make the reproduction of a moment be Natural.

But if cameras and techniques evolve every year, why do so many people feel uncomfortable with your own images?

The answer is in the mirror

Beautiful in the mirror and ugly in the photo? Understand whyMirror, mirror of mine …

From a very young age, we are used to our own reflection. at the mirror that we see each morning and also that we check if a suit fits us well. When we look in the mirror, the conditions of light and color look perfect; a mirror also doesn?t suffer from low resolution or granulation. However, the mirror responsible for ?skew?The image we have of ourselves:

If you remember the classes tica school time, you should also remember that, unlike cameras, the mirror inverts images horizontally. With this, the reflection that we see is the reverse of what a person would see if they were in the same position as the mirror.

Did it get complicated to understand? Observe the image

Beautiful in the mirror and ugly in the photo? Understand why

Note that, if we were in the mirror, the notion between right and left would change. We know that the boy's hand right, even though, from our point of view, she was on the opposite side. In the mirror, this relationship is reversed. Master right always appears on right side the mirror.

But what does this have to do with my photo?

Beautiful in the mirror and ugly in the photo? Understand whyHave you noticed that we love taking pictures in front of the mirror?

Has everything to do. Because they work like someone else?s point of view, cameras do not reflect our image. They capture and display the photo without inverting it, causing a certain strangeness when we remember our own image, which is made in our imagination based on mirrors.

Although it doesn't seem like it, this effect alone is enough to make us think 'strangers' in a photo. After years and years of seeing our faces in mirrors, seeing him without this horizontal reverse causes us strangeness.

Look at the example below

Beautiful in the mirror and ugly in the photo? Understand whyAlthough the actress is beautiful in every way, you can see the difference

This actress Jennifer Aniston, considered by many to be one of the most beautiful women on American TV. Although you don't realize it, the face of Jennifer, as well as all of us, at the It is perfectly symmetrical: its extremities have subtle differences that, although we cannot point to them, we record in our memories.

This is because the human brain expert in memorizing priests, recognizing the details of any familiar image.

However, the Jennifer Aniston do not see yourself this way. Her image of herself was created based on mirrors, that is, Aniston if it is inverted horizontally; as we all see each other.

Due to the large number of photos of her scattered around the world, it is possible that the actress no longer finds strange her ?non-inverted? image. However, most people do not go through the same, having a huge sense of strangeness seeing their 'inverted' faces.

When we talk about our own face, that feeling ends up being much bigger. Even without realizing it, we love taking pictures in front of the mirror, or using apps that mimic the effect of a like Snapchat and Instagram do on images registered with the front camera.

Camera applications like Cymera, and even the original camera of some smartphones like that of Samsung already allow to save the ?mirror image? when we take selfies. When capturing with the rear camera, the only option is to look like in the mirror by manually inverting the image with the help of an editor.

How to enable the feature on your phone

If your smartphone Samsung is updated with the OneUI interface, the option to activate the save option should appear as in the photos below: