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Apple starts selling iPhones 6s / 6s Plus unlocked "pure" in the US, but Brazilians should not choose them

Much faster than in previous years, Apple has already started selling models in the United States today Unlocked iPhones 6s / 6s Plus (unlocked or SIM-free) ?Pure? with no chip included and no connection to local operators.

The bad news is that, for these devices, Apple chose the same models marketed by AT&T: A1633 (6s) and A1634 (6s Plus). As with the iPhones 6/6 Plus, they are different from the models that will be sold in Brazil.

That is, whoever buys an iPhone 6s / 6s Plus in the USA should continue opting for the T-Mobile model paid for at full price (full price) at any Apple Retail Store. It comes with an operator chip in its tray, but in the same way unlocked.

Any iPhone 6s / 6s Plus model will work perfectly in Brazil, but only those approved by Anatel A1688 (6s) and A1687 (6s Plus) have a national warranty.

Earlier today, we updated our post on the record sales of new devices with new countries that will receive them soon. On the 23rd, they will be launched in Belarus, Guam, Moldova, Serbia and Ukraine.

(via MacRumors)