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All statistics on the COVID-19 pandemic in Europe are gathered on the Eurostat website

At a time when countries are gradually beginning to lift social confinement measures, the European Union's statistics office launched a new section on the COVID-19 pandemic on the platform. With this update it is now possible to access the compilation of statistics and data related to this global health crisis that is marking 2020.

The Eurostat platform is therefore intended to help users advise on a better understanding of the impact of the pandemic, but also to understand its evolution. For this, the site covers several sectors such as the economy, health, transport, energy and tourism.

Dry from the Eurostat website dedicated to the COVID-19 pandemic

Each theme organized by the different topics launched by the platform. Among the most recent announcements, access to interactive information views or links to more detailed versions, there are several options on the table.

Over the past few weeks there have been a number of statistics released by Eurostat. One of the most recent was that online shopping has grown again in the European Union in the last year. The data indicate that 60% of Internet users in the European Union aged between 16 and 74 years old made purchases through the internet throughout 2019, a value that compares with the 56% registered in the previous year. On the contrary, the numbers in Portugal remain far below the community average.