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★ Fast Shop promotes “Apple Day” and offers discounts on products such as Macs and accessories

THE Fast shop is promoting once again your "Apple Day", offering discounts on some Ma products.

New space gray MacBook

If you fell in love with new MacBook and is determined to buy one, good to take advantage. The entry model, which normally costs R $ 7,649.10 per view, is now coming out for R $ 7,141.13. Just as a comparison, if you buy this machine today in the United States and declare everything right on your return to Brazil, it will cost more than R $ 8,000. Buying here, of course, you can travel abroad with him without worrying about his return.

21.5-inch iMac

O 21.5 ? iMac entrance fee is also very good, leaving for R $ 6,580.63 cash instead of R $ 7,109.10 (table price for payment in a single installment).

Apple USB / 30-pin cable

If you have an old iPad, iPhone or iPod that uses the 30-pin connector, it's also worth buying the USB / 30-pin cable, which is leaving for only R $ 76.25 view (usually it costs R $ 116.10).

Visit the promotion website and have a pan there to see if the product / accessory you want is at a great price like the ones described above, there are still good prices for iPad chargers, Beats and JBL speakers, headphones from Beats, Smart Covers (iPad Air 2) and more!

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