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VLC multimedia player is updated on all platforms, including for iOS

After a long wait, the organization VideoLAN today announced the availability of new versions of the player VLC for all platforms, both desktop and mobile.

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On Mac, version 2.2.0 brings full support to OS X Yosemite, redesigned plugin for Chrome, Safari and Firefox, best full-screen mode, playback from where you left off, column with file size in playlists, among others. It can be downloaded here.

Today also marks the official return of VLC for iOS, which had returned to the App Store but disappeared again a few months ago. Its version 2.4 (.1) incorporates native support for iPhones 6/6 Plus and Plex media servers, integration with Google Drive for streaming and folders, search within your media library and more.

In addition to OS X and iOS, VLC is also available for Windows, Windows Phone, Windows RT, Android and Android TV. The GNU / Linux version apparently hasn't been updated now.

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