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User puts Mac mini inside an Apple II floppy drive housing

If you are fanatic about mods Macs and for Macs retr, you'll love this one: a user managed to put a Mac mini inside an Apple Disk II, a floppy disk drive that accompanied the classic Apple II (aka Apple) (machine launched in 1978).

Mac mini on an Apple II Disk

Interestingly, Charles Mangin was able to organize the components so that the mini's SuperDrive could be used by the drive's own 5-outlet. Unless a CD / DVD is popping out, there's no saying that there's a Mac mini inside.

Mac mini on an Apple II Disk

To give you an idea of ??the level of details thought by the guy, the drive activity LED (?IN USE?) was also connected to the mini, making it turn on when the machine is working.

Mac mini on an Apple II Disk

The guy really does too much. What will be next? An iPhone inside a Newton? A Macintosh IIfx inside a MacBook Pro? It would be nice …

Check out more photos of Charles in this Flickr set.

(Via: Gizmodo.)