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NVIDIA responds to Intel lawsuit requiring it to stop producing its own chipsets

NVIDIA responded today to a process documented on Monday by Intel, in which Intel claims that a four-year licensing agreement by the two companies does not extend its future generation of CPUs with "integrated" memory controllers, such as the Core i7 (codenamed ?Nehalem?). According to her, the action does not reach NVIDIA chipsets currently marketed.

NVIDIA and Intel logos

NVIDIA entered into the agreement in 2004 to bring innovations from the platform to Intel's CPU systems. In return, Intel has licensed NVIDIA's portfolio of 3G technologies, GPU and other computer patents. Both have been in tense climates for the past six to 12 months: NVIDIA claims that CPUs have already become convenience items, as much as Intel says the same about GPUs.

If NVIDIA loses this fight, it will have no more right over its chipsets to replace current motherboard designs capable of supporting Core 2 chips, leaving partners like Apple, Toshiba and others without an alternative but to use Intel's own design.

(Via: eWeek.)