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MSI introduces two new X-Slim notebooks with a mixed look of MacBook Air with MacBook

An official release not expected before CeBIT in early May, but Taiwanese manufacturer MSI has already introduced its two new X-Slim laptops: the X340 (13.4 inch) and the X600 (15.6 inch), along with some of your specifications.

MSI Notebooks

Both have HDMI outputs (in addition to a VGA connection) and a processor based on Intel's Centrino 2 platform instead of Atom, present in the X320 model. The X600 comes with an eSATA port, along with two USB connections.

MSI Notebooks

A more basic model of the line, the X-Slim 320, was introduced in early January and hit the market in May. The three offer a very similar look to the MacBook Air, with some external touches of the new MacBooks, like the black border around the screen.

MSI Notebooks

Machine prices are still uncertain, but the X340 is expected to be between $ 700 and $ 1,000 in the United States. MSI also did not comment on expected availability dates for the new models.

(Via: Engadget Chinese.)