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May the 4th be with you: celebrate Star Wars Day in a variety of online activities

Annually, on May 4th, Star Wars fans celebrate the fantastic universe created by George Lucas, but due to isolation as a precaution to the new coronavirus, public events cannot be held. But in order to maintain the tradition, it is possible to participate in different online initiatives, which Comicon New York compiled on its website for the 4th and 5th of May, from live reactions to the saga films, interviews and playing the video games inspired by the universe .

On your official Facebook page you can watch a question and answer session with actresses who voiced characters from Star Wars: The Clone Wars, shortly after the broadcast of their final episode. Ashley Eckstein, the voice of Ahsoka Tano and Vanessa Marshall, who gives life to Hera Syndulla, are just a few examples of a busy schedule throughout the day. Check the respective schedule of sessions.

During the two days, some films from the saga (Episodes IV, V and VI) will be coordinated with the fans during the day and others tomorrow, with live reactions on Twitter (check the respective address for each film). On the 5th, you can also count on a live interview with Brian Herring, who is responsible for bringing the famous robot BB-8 and the cute Porgs to life. Gifts for live sessions will also be different authors of the official novels of the book saga.

There are many other activities to participate in, and true fans are still invited to decorate the windows of their home with elements and phrases alluding to the saga.

On the official Star Wars website, a hub of activities was also created, including the unveiling of four new actors for the next Star Wars television series based on Cassian Andor, who will join Diego Luna. There are other proposals to discover, to do at home, which include confection of foods inspired by the universe. Make sure you have Bantha milk in the fridge first.