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In celebration of its 25th anniversary, Photoshop is gaining a strong competitor on the Mac: Affinity Photo

cone - Affinity Photo

A few months ago, we highlighted Affinity Designer, a vector image editor for the Mac here on the site. Because its developer, Serif Labs, is really coming with everything: she just launched the Affinity Photothis is a bitmap editor, to go head-to-head with Adobe Photoshop and, of course, with Pixelmator.

For now, the software is in beta and free (afterwards, costing $ 50 on the Mac App Store).

Check out some demonstration videos:

As you can see, Affinity Photo may be coming now but it is already very, very powerful. In addition, it promises an excellent performance compared to Photoshop.

Speaking of Adobe's darling, he's just turned 25 (!):

Photoshop was originally released by Thomas Knoll for Mac only, on February 19, 1990. The video above to the sound of Aerosmith's ?Dream On?.

(via The Loop, AppleInsider)