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Flyover, from Apple's maps, reaches nine more cities; feature gains 3D animation

The resource Flyover, available on Apple maps (through which we can see some metropolitan areas from above in photo and interactive 3D viewing modes), has recently gained nine new locations. They are: Baton Rouge (Louisiana, USA), Boise (Idaho, USA), Edinburgh (Scotland), Cerceres (Spain), Guadalajara (Mexico), Ponce (Puerto Rico), Venice (Italy), Linz (Austria) and Rennes (France).

The Apple page covering the availability of these features has not yet been updated to include these new locations. Still, if you want to take a look to see which places already have Flyover coverage, this is the place.

It was not this time that Brazil entered the list of new additions to the resource available on Apple maps, but let's agree that joining the Siri language group is much cooler, isn't it?

In addition to these nine cities, Apple implemented something very cool in Flyover: animated 3D images. Better than me explaining you will see exactly what it is about:

This novelty first arrived in the UK and covers two very tourist locations: the London Eye and Big Ben which now shows the correct local time in London, as reported by Daily Mail.

Very cool!

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