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Face ID and protective masks: Apple makes it easy to unlock your iPhone with protective gear

Face ID is a practical and quick technology to use, at least until you try to unlock your iPhone with a protective mask in place. Apple is trying to get around the problem and the first solution was launched in the beta version of iOS, which brings several new features.

Currently, there is a short time between the recognition of a face by the iPhone and the conclusion that it is not possible to identify it. When this happens, iOS suggests that the user enter the password, thus gaining access to a second unlock method. To avoid this scenario, the user must remove the mask or turn off Face ID. However, with the beta of the new iOS 13.5, Apple will allow you to swipe to access the "password" option. This way, waiting time is eliminated.

The news was advanced by CNBC and there are some users reporting that this version of the software can even recognize that the user has a sanitary mask in place, prompting the unlock by password.

IOS 13.5 also includes the first version of the new solution from Apple and Google, which aims to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic. In early April, the tech giants announced a partnership, with Bluetooth technology and apps being the focus of the solution.

Since the features are in beta, it may still take a few weeks to reach most people's iPhone. However, since the deflation is gradually happening all over the world, the arrival of this system comes at a good time, especially if we take into account how much people use the smartphone in public transport, which will be considered risk points in the coming months.