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Apple ordered to pay $ 533 million for iTunes-related patent infringements

A Texas federal jury on Wednesday condemned Apple to pay $ 532.9 million Smartflash LLC for violating three software-related patents iTunes.

Apple headquarters in Cupertino

Apple headquarters in Cupertino | Maglara, via Shutterstock.

According to the Bloomberg, Smartflash's patents refer to ?data storage and access management through payment systems? already negotiated with game developers, too, for example.

Originally in this case, Smartflash was seeking $ 852 million in reimbursement. She is also currently suing Samsung and Google, and has already taken to court. Its source of income is exclusively the licensing of seven patents of its authorship.

Even considering that $ 533 million is not a cause for concern for Apple, it probably still appeals the decision as it does not agree with the amount set by the jury and states that ?people don't buy cell phones just because of their apps? (since Smartflash wants royalties for the sale of iProducts).

Apple considers that the three patents are worth a maximum of $ 4.5 million.

(via AppleInsider)