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Apple acquires Camel Audio, a firm specializing in digital audio plugins [atualizado]

A new week, a new acquisition by Apple. This time the information comes from MacRumors: the Cupertino firm would have acquired the Camel Audio, which in January announced the closure of its operations without explaining.

Camel Audio's Alchemy

The flagship of Camel Audio was Alchemy, shown in the screenshot above. Costing $ 250, it includes a powerful package for anyone working with audio including sounds, samples, an award winning synthesizer, plugins, effects and so on.

The interest in the acquisition probably has more to do with Apple's professional audio editor, Logic Pro X (and its companion MainStage), than with the popular GarageBand.

Logic Pro X app icon

MainStage 3 app icon

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Update · 02/24/2014 s 17:29

Apple gave its traditional confirmation on the purchase of Camel Audio to The Loop.