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Alleged image of the new Mac mini is fake

Much has been said by the network since yesterday about a supposed image released by the MacRumors, which would represent a new model of Mac mini to be launched by Apple soon. It is difficult to simply look at it and notice some kind of manipulation that may have been done using Photoshop, but a more detailed analysis by several users seems to have delivered the secret of whoever edited it.

New Mac mini?

It is obvious that considering the image above as false is not possible simply by looking, but the analysis made in the following figure already shows that the artifacts are not arranged in the same way as in an unedited photo:

Fake Mac mini photo analysis

In addition, a reader of 9 to 5 Mac made an important point: inside the Mac mini, the way your motherboard is mounted in this layout does not meet the way the Mini DVI and Mini DisplayPort inputs are located. This goes against the manufacturing model unibody that she brought her line of sports is likely to go ahead with the Mac mini. Who made this mockup You must have noticed that any type of manipulation can be visually considered original in the photo above, including this one, with 12 USB ports:

12 USBs on a Mac mini

That, I'm sure Apple wouldn't …