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Alleged Apple advertising image helps fuel the possibility of an update to the iMac line

According to the MacRumors, some tips from Apple resellers and educational representatives suggest that iMac stocks are low, and in the second case, we can already follow special promotions on the current line, aimed at educational institutions. However, another tip suggesting an update to Apple's all-in-one desktop may have been found in one of the new advertising pieces for its Retail Stores:

Apple's publicity for the new iMac?

According to the promotional material, one of the features described about the iMac ?High-performance NVIDIA graphics?. What happens is that the current iMac also uses GPUs from AMD / ATI. Does it make sense for Apple to highlight a feature present only in a high-end product? If this material is true, it may already be adapted for an update of the iMac, which is likely to bring only NVIDIA GPUs, just like the current portable Macs.

Another piece of information brought by the piece is the Core 2 Duo processor from Intel. By the way in being this time we?ll see our iMac become quad-core. Anyway, given the situation where Apple is in the middle of the legal fight between Intel and NVIDIA, trying to migrate to Core i7 could have been like shooting yourself in the foot if you are no longer?