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Time Capsule price drops in the United States, may indicate arrival of new models

Overnight, Time Capsule's 1TB price dropped from $ 500 to $ 388 (!) On, notes the 9 to 5 Mac. At the same time, the 500GB model went from $ 300 to $ 260. Although official values ??remain the same at the Apple Store Online, there are prices for refurbished models (refurbished) have also been reduced. Even in Brazil they are quite confused.

Time Capsule

And speculation begins! Was Apple preparing a new version of its Wi-Fi base + network router + hard drive? A good bet is a pair of new Time Capsules of 1TB and 2TB, perhaps for $ 300 and $ 500, respectively. Someone more conservative would say 750GB and 1.5TB, which would result in a more modest upgrade but the current hard drive costs already left margin for Apple to actually double today's offerings.

However, something beyond greater capabilities may come in: sources say Apple has experimented with storing software updates on devices running Time Machine. This means that, on a network, the bandwidth used would be much smaller (all computers would pull updates from one place), in addition to the fact that access would be much faster, because it is local. Incidentally, such a novelty could be implemented by the company via a simple firmware update, if it wanted to.

Another aspect that corroborates the rumor was discussed today by the Engadget: new documents related to Time Capsule and AirPort Extreme appeared on the FCC. Although both have the same physical dimensions as the current ones, they still do not bring numbers of models, nor information about internal components that impress. According to the guys, there is a possibility that the devices will start to work on both frequencies of 2.4 GHz (current supported by iPhones and iPods touch) and 5 GHz (already possible on Ma laptops and Apple TV).

Time Capsule has not received any hardware upgrades until today, it was launched by Apple in January 2008, during the Macworld Expo San Francisco. AirPort Extreme, in turn, was updated a year earlier.