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Tim Cook is now part of a group of CEOs who have come together to improve China's environmental conditions

It may even seem strange to us, looking from afar, but job opportunities at Foxconn and other factories (in China) are seen by many young Chinese people in more remote areas as the great chance of earning money and having a better life. Thus, they leave for the centers in search of opportunity and this migration ends up having a great impact on the growth of urban areas.

Thinking about it, the Paulson Institute created in November 2014 a council formed by several CEOs (from Asian and American companies) to try to make this urbanization more and more sustainable.

Launched in November 2014 in Beijing, the board is comprised of the main CEOs of Chinese and Western companies, each with a passion for integrating sustainability into their business plan and defining best practices through their actions. Collectively, the companies have a combined annual revenue of $ 1.4 trillion, with more than 6 million employees and more than 1 billion customers worldwide. The council's mission is to mobilize business to promote sustainable urbanization through innovative environmental and social corporate practices, effective government policies and direct actions by companies and governments.

The council takes action through individual, collaborative projects among members that can be scaled across China and elsewhere; advocates for policies and actions on effective sustainability standards; and best practices through case studies and research. The board undertakes to act in 2015 with a focus on encouraging energy installations compatible with the 21st century. To this end, the council has formed action groups to work on increasing energy efficiency in buildings and accelerating energy policy, including the integration of renewable energies.

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, one of the 14 members of this board and undoubtedly can contribute a lot with everything, after all, Apple is currently the most "green" technology company on the planet even though it faces quite challenges in this area.

Such initiatives are always welcome.

(via AppleInsider)