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Shifts is an ideal iPhone calendar for shift workers

In the App Store there is everything, really. From more generic apps that suit everyone, to apps more focused on a particular feature. We can say that the Shifts, created by developer Snowman, one of those that serves a certain public very well.

Shifts app for iPhones / iPods touch

This is an excellent calendar for people who work in shifts such as doctors, nurses, security guards, store sellers, taxi drivers and drivers in general, etc. Unlike traditional calendars, Shifts is not based on a work model considered normal (Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 6 pm). In it, users can create their own types of shifts, each totally personalized (color, name, icon, etc.). Once this is done, it is very easy to apply up to two shifts of a certain type per day or even to determine an automatic shift rotation that is reproduced throughout the calendar.

Shifts app for iPhones / iPods touch

It is also possible to share your calendar with friends, family and / or coworkers, view everything through the widget located in the Notification Center and even make an estimate of earnings (salary) based on the hours worked in a given month.

Great calendar option for anyone who works that way.

Shifts - Shift Worker Calendar app icon