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Samsung launches Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge, Samsung Pay and shows that it still hasn't got Apple out of its head

Yesterday (March 1), Samsung held an event in Barcelona (the day before the start of the Mobile World Congress) to present its new Galaxy line devices. As one of Apple's main rivals in the mobile market, I watched the event online and wanted to share with you a few things about it.

The presentation

The event lasted less than an hour and was quite objective. If I'm not mistaken, five company executives (including the CEO) took the stage to talk about the news related to the Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge, Samsung Pay (that's what you read) and VR Gear.

The truth is that Samsung can't get Apple out of its head. I say this because, in addition to comparing some features of the Galaxies S6 with those of the iPhones 6 (fair enough, since the iPhones are the devices to be hit in the market), the executives of the South Korean have always managed to stick with Apple.

With the exception of English, it is difficult to understand (also justified, since most executives of the Korean company) and one or another moment of exalted / forced behavior, everything went very well.

The new devices

Here begins the controversy. Looking quickly and coolly, Samsung has in fact managed to present a line that combines beauty and power (a pair of words that is often used in presentation).

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<p>Made of metal and glass, the new smartphones were really beautiful / elegant and have the best specifications on the market such as 5.1 inch Super AMOLED screen with 2560 × 1440 pixels (557ppp), eight core processor (64 bits using a process 14 nanometer manufacturing process), 3GB of RAM, 5MP front camera and 16MP rear camera (both with f / 1.9 aperture) and hardware capable of taking good photos in low light environments, improved fingerprint sensor (as well as the Touch ID, I no longer need to slide my finger for recognition to be done) and many other interesting things.</p>
<p>While the S6 has a normal screen, the S6 edge has a curved screen (the first on the market) that brings shortcuts to make life easier for users (with this screen we can, for example, know who is calling even with the device facing down on a table thanks to the colored indication of the border each color linked to a different contact).</p>
<p>The company used the phrase ?design with purpose? to justify many of the decisions made. It was clear at various times that the pins were for Apple. In some the thing was explicit, when, for example, a company executive stated with propriety that the devices are highly resistant and do not bend (reference to #bendgate) or when another executive compared some photos / videos taken with the S6 and the iPhone 6 Plus.</p>
<p>I think that design by itself is already something purposefully thought out and that Samsung was unhappy in creating that concept. Their first device "created with purpose" ended up leaving out several differences that they had, such as a microSD card slot, removable battery and waterproof capacity, without a doubt any features that differentiated the Galaxy line from iPhones and that it even reached explore in advertisements.</p>
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<p>In terms of battery, the company stated that, although it has not yet developed the dream battery (with infinite duration), it brought to the market one that with only 10 minutes of recharging capable of lasting up to 4 hours they also stated that an S6 / S6 edge recharges the battery completely in half the time of an iPhone 6 Plus and therefore decided to change the removable one for a fixed one. It is worth noting that Samsung has already poked Apple a lot because of the company putting a fixed battery in its devices. To complete the package, the S6 have the possibility of wireless charging compatible with the two standards available on the market.</p>
<p>Without a doubt, there are significant advances that deserve to be applauded, but those who think that the company "justified" the withdrawal of other resources for this new "purposeful design" are mistaken. Why abandon the expansion of storage capacity via microSD? And the much praised ability to be waterproof?</p>
<p>In terms of software, Samsung simply got rid of 40% of the resources that existed in the S5 so that everything was simpler, easier and more straightforward in the S6, proving that there was a lot of useless garbage that the company pushed down its customers' throats.</p>
<p>As I said, everything was very beautiful. But it is also difficult to look at these devices and not see similarities with iPhones. See the images below:</p>
<p style=iPhone 6 vs. Galaxy S6

iPhone 6 vs. Galaxy S6

iPhone 6 vs. Galaxy S6

Image credit: TechRadar (tip from Marcelo Mello).

Headphone jack at the bottom, speaker at the bottom right, antenna design is very similar even to a protruding camera! How well did the The Verge, gives the impression that the S6 are children of an iPhone 4 with an iPhone 6.

Samsung Pay

Here the thing has broken down for good. Yes, it is true that the mobile payment system from Samsung has an interesting differential in addition to using NFC technology (near field communication, or communication by proximity field), Samsung has also implemented the MST (magnetic secure transmission, or secure magnetic transaction), ensuring compatibility with those older machines that pass magnetic cards (without a chip), greatly expanding the range of the payment system, but there is no way to look at how everything works and not to say that we are facing a copy Apple Pay.

Like Apple Pay, the system uses ?tokenization? as security so that credit card information is not stored either on the device or by the merchant; Samsung Pay is also protected by the user's fingerprint and the process for making a purchase is practically the same as Apple Pay (while in the Apple system the person chooses the card they want to pay, approaches the phone to the machine and authorizes the debit with the printout digital, at Samsung's the person chooses the card, authorizes the debit with the digital print and brings the phone closer to the machine).

· · ·

Samsung is definitely more focused on design than before. On the other hand, the path chosen by her was as close as possible to Apple. I wonder if this attitude is not even purposeful, since the fight between the two ended up doing Samsung well (which, at least in the public's eyes, had products which bothered Ma to the point of entering into justice).

The new devices will hit the market on April 10. According to Gizmodo Brazil, our country will receive them a little later, but still in April. The S6 costs around R $ 3,000, while the S6 edge is a little more expensive. Samsung Pay will start operating in the US sometime in the second half.