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Promotion: iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi 64GB with R $ 1,130 discount! [atualizado 2x]

If you dream of a iPad Air 2, this offer is not to be missed.

iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi is offering the 64GB Wi-Fi model of the iPad Air 2 in space gray for only R $ 2,199.12 per view (or R $ 2,499.00 up to 10 times), a discount of R $ 1,130 compared to at the official price seen by Apple.

And this is not the only iPad model on sale there, although it seems to be the coolest. Enjoy!

(tip from Joaquim Nascimento)

Update · 10/17/2015 s 10:36

The space gray 64GB Wi-Fi model (linked above) has sold out. But there are still other interesting ones out there.

Update II · 10/17/2015 s 13:24

Whoever took advantage took advantage. Apparently everything that was good there has already run out or gone up in price.