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PowerBook G4 explodes and sets fire to London office

A 15-inch PowerBook G4 exploded today in an office of a London marketing company, creating a great opportunity to remember how important they are. recalls technological.

PowerBook G4 Explosion

The machine, which is three to four years old, started smoking, when a member of the company's IT department was called in to find out what was going on.

PowerBook G4 Explosion

?When I got there, much of the smoke had already spread and nothing much was happening. I took the notebook to analyze it, turned it upside down and, as soon as I put it on the table again, it exploded. The flames went up to almost two meters in height, along with many sparks ?, he says. ?At this point, of course, I triggered the fire alarm and ran out. I was about 60 centimeters from the fire when it hit the ceiling. ?

The machine involved in the incident is part of a recall announced by Apple in 2006, when it was identified that a series of Sony batteries were overheating. So, if you have a 12 ? iBook G4, a 12 ? PowerBook G4, or a 15 ? PowerBook G4, it?s good to make sure your machine?s serial number doesn?t fit into the replacement program as well.

PowerBook G4 Explosion

Although the batteries of laptops are much larger than those of cell phones, it is rare to see a case so serious as this happens with such a product. Never prevent yourself too much. Fortunately, no one was hurt by the explosion and the fire did little damage to the establishment. About the PowerBook, however, I can't say the same.

(Via: The Inquirer.)