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One Plus 8 Pro: One Plus' new flagship killer is far from fully repairable

In April, One Plus made its latest smartphone line known to the world. In addition to demonstrating a bet outside the Chinese brand on 5G, the One Plus 8 and 8 Pro come to the market with new features on the cameras and on the screen. The iFixit experts decided to put the Pro model to the test and found that, despite claiming to be a "flagship killer", the smartphone is not as repairable as expected.

Although it is the first smartphone from One Plus to have IP68 certification, ensuring waterproof and dustproof protection, the construction of the equipment is similar to the previous models of the brand. The experts at iFixit were able to easily separate the back of the smartphone since there are no cable traps, noting that there is an extra insulation layer that can help ensure wireless charging efficiency.

When opening the smartphone, the experts immediately came across a golden wireless charging coil. After removing a few screws, the component was easily removed. But to get to the motherboard the process turned out to be a little more complicated, as it was necessary to remove the rear camera assembly first.

It is true that the batteries of the latest smartphones from One Plus have lost their characteristic red color, but continue to include a tab that promises to help its removal. IFixit noted that the configuration can cause the battery to be bent when removed with too much force. However, the cables under the component are well protected, preventing any accidents in the removal process.

The problems came at the time when experts switched to the One Plus 8 Pro screen. The 6.78-inch display and refresh rate of 120 Hz is glued to the smartphone's frame almost impossible to remove without causing some damage.

After the autopsy of the One Plus 8 Pro, technicians focused their attention on the smartphone's wireless charging terminal. Getting inside the equipment was more difficult than the experts were expecting due to the large amount of strong adhesive that holds the rear panels. IFixit noted that the terminal is not built to be easily repaired.

Repairability score for One Plus 8 Pro credits: iFixit

In all, the new One Plus 8 Pro managed to reach a score of 4 out of 10 on the iFixit repairability scale. Although the configuration of the battery allows for an easier replacement process and the vast majority of components are modular, the large amount of resistant adhesive on the back of the smartphone and the fact that the screen is glued to the equipment's structure end up having a strong negative impact on the reparability.