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Meet 6 more cool custom keyboards for iOS 8

From time to time we disclose some interesting third-party keyboards for iOS 8, as we did here, here and here. Today we are back with six more!

Custom keyboard on an iPhone 5s with iOS 8

Here is our selection:

Blink Keyboard-one-hand, fast app icon

Blink Keyboard is a simple yet powerful keyboard that provides a list of interesting features:

  • Auto-Correct +, more than just an automatic broker!
  • Resizable keyboard: for one-handed typing on larger iPhones.
  • Gesture move the cursor: tap the first line to move the cursor position.
  • Quick Text: define and insert frequently used texts (for example: email or home address).
  • Dedicated comma keys, period, delete word and deselect all letters.
  • Long press the first line for Emojis (no need to change!).
  • Support for English, Spanish, German and Portuguese.
  • Themes with different types of letters.
  • Suggestion / complement of words and suggestion of next words.
  • Support for German QWERTY, AZERTY and JKL keyboards.
  • Characters with an acute accent.

Sorry, app not found.

With the Custom Keyboard for iOS 8 you can customize everything colors, sounds, shadows, animation and more. Several well-designed themes are also provided in the app to suit all styles and tastes.


  • Unique backgrounds for keyboard themes: use solid background colors, gradients or your own photos.
  • Different colors, shades, frames and opacity for customizing the keys.
  • Great new fonts of customizable sizes.
  • Click sounds and animations.
  • Support in more than 40 languages.
  • Intuitive typing faster and more accurately.
  • Works in any application.
  • Support for standard keyboard configuration (top row), auto-capitalization, enable Caps Lock, keyboard clicks and more).
  • Quick Delete Text Press and hold the Delete button to quickly delete the text.
  • Quick navigation through keyboard themes.

Privacy: Your privacy is important to us. The Custom Keyboard for iOS 8 does not collect any personal data. Even if you choose to enable ?Full Access?, we will not register your entry.

Create your colorful keyboard now, express your own typing style!

Sorry, app not found.

Linguotype is the perfect keyboard extension for iOS for people who speak two or more languages!

With this keyboard extension you will be able to translate what you type, in real time, from and to any of the three languages ??you choose.

Just type as you normally would and the translation bar above the keyboard will provide you with translations for any of the 45 supported languages, including English, German, Japanese, Chinese, Klingon and more!

This is just a very basic version (still fully functional). We are working very hard on Linguotype to add new features and improve existing ones.

Sorry, app not found.

Squiggly allows you to send fun and amazing drawings and animations to your friends, family and the rest of the world directly from messages and emails!

Quickly scribble a drawing with great response or make small animations. You decide. In any case, bring fun, life and a very personal touch to your messages, correspondence, emails and anywhere else you can imagine.

The best part? very simple! Install the Squiggly keyboard and you will be able to draw your doodles within all of your existing applications that support custom keyboards and animated GIFs. When you're happy with your creation, simply copy and paste into your app and you're ready to impress!

Sorry, app not found.

Use quick keys to avoid typing an email, last name, address or signature again!

OftenType quick keys for frequently used words and phrases. This custom keyboard for iOS 8 expands the iPhone keyboard with additional shortcut keys. You can easily increase your productivity by optimizing repeated typing. After configuring you will only need a touch to type email, last name, address and something else that you have to type again and again.

WordBoard app icon - Shortcut Keyboard

Do you hate typing the same thing every time, one key at a time? Customize and pre-program your keyboard with WordBoard. Now you can control what you type with the keys.

Add a key to automatically type your email address, postal address, hashtag, an email, a reply template, an ASCII art or anything else you can imagine.

Continue using the standard keyboard for normal typing and quickly switch to WordBoard to insert saved phrases with a single touch. Never remember shortcuts again.

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If you don't know how to use a third party keyboard, this post talks about the installation process.