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May PS Plus will have Cities: Skylines and Farming Simulator 19

Have fun with two simulators in the games available on the May PS Plus

This Wednesday (March 29), the games available on May PS Plus for subscribers to the exclusive service of Sony. Recalling that, since the month of March 2019, the Sony no more titles available to users of Playstation 3 and PS Vita, focusing only on titles for the Playstation 4.

If this street were mine …

The first game Sony is making available in May to subscribers of PS Plus a virtual simulator for those who always wanted to test their skills as an urban architect: Cities: Skylines. With a more professional and realistic touch, the game is very reminiscent of the classic city simulator Sim City.

May PS Plus have Cities: Skylines and Farming Simulator 19

Cities: Skylines was originally launched in 2015, but it reached Playstation 4 only through a port in 2017. Developed by Colossal Order and published by Paradox Interactive, the title is a city-building game that puts players in the role of urban planner. To date, the game has sold over 6 million copies!

Time to sweat a lot

The second game available on PS Plus of May Farming Simulator 19. Since you can't go out on the streets because of the pandemic crisis in new COVID-19 coronavirus, PS4 owners will be able to enjoy a more rural life and the concerns of the countryside in this classic farm simulator.

May PS Plus have Cities: Skylines and Farming Simulator 19

The Farming Simulator 19 obviously an agricultural simulator. In this way, PS Plus subscribers will have a game package that offers a city option and a rural option in May. The game was released in 2018, an update from the previous year's version.

More games to take advantage of the quarantine

In addition to the games available that are already available on PS Plus April, the Sony launched the ?Play at home? initiative and made two games totally free: Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and Journey. Both games can be redeemed free of charge by any user of the PSN, that is, it is not necessary to have a PS Plus to enjoy these incredible titles.

May PS Plus have Cities: Skylines and Farming Simulator 19

The collection with the first three games of the franchise Uncharted and Journey will be available for free from April 15th to May 5th, so enjoy!

Enjoying May's PS Plus

It is worth remembering that now users of the exclusive service of PlayStation have a storage capacity of 100GB giving even more space to store all these games and files from your PS4! With cloud storage, you can record the progress of your games and profile on a system PS4, and then continue on to another system without losing anything.

For now, the Sony has no plans to increase the list of free games offered to subscribers PS Plus. Many players are complaining about the amount charged for the service (one year subscription costs about R $ 150.00) and the reduced quantity of securities offered since the PS3 and PS Vita from the list of consoles covered by the benefits.

PS PlusBeing a PS Plus subscriber gives you many benefits in addition to free games

Despite this, the PS Plus still needed to play several games in multiplayer at the PS4 and subscribers can always count on exclusive discounts when there is a week of promotions on PS Store, so stay tuned!

All games listed above will be available for download from May 5th. Finally, for those who have not yet redeemed the free April games, there is a warning to redeem while there is still time (until the day may 4th!).

Did you like the April games? Let us comments if you've played one of these titles or which one you're most looking forward to trying!