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Lisbon wants to eliminate the role in urban management and for that it has the help of a new platform

Dematerialize all stages of the urban licensing processes the objective of the Lisbon City Council (CML) with the new Digital Urbanism platform. The municipality's initiative has a budget of 537 thousand euros, financed in its entirety by the municipality's coffers, and will take place in three phases. The first has been in development since last week, with the introduction of new services and orders on the site in a phased manner, up to all of the approximately 400 types of orders that users will be able to place.

Presented on April 22, CML explains that the new platform allows the "processing of urban processes online in a single system", reinforcing optimization and speed. With this project, the submission of new orders is thus carried out 100% online, and the user can do it anywhere and anytime.

Digital Urbanism Platform

But what kind of services can users rely on at this stage? For the time being, the Portuguese have access to previous communications, requests for information on the feasibility of urban operations and licensing of infrastructure in public space. In addition, the platform also provides some types of license issuance for public use.

Analysis of the most transparent, clergy and efficient processes

In the middle of a pandemic, Ricardo Veludo, councilor of Urbanism at CML, guarantees that, with the entry into teleworking, projects have already started to be submitted electronically. With digital urbanism, a platform is available that integrates the functions available to applicants, technicians from the local authority and external entities with greater convenience and simplicity for everyone ", he explains.