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IPhone app takes automatic selfies when it detects your face on the camera

Thinking fast about two common problems with self-portraits selfies, list: 1. the quality of the images, and 2. blurry photos.

The application BrightCam, from the same ICQ developers (yes!), promises to solve this in a very smart way.

Sorry, app not found.

BrightCam the first feature-rich camera app Selfie Selfie!

BrightCam makes its selfie automatically when she sees your beautiful face. With Selfie SelfieNow you can conveniently access your phone?s powerful rear camera instead of the low quality front camera. And you can forget the blurry photos without meaning you no longer need to touch the screen to take a picture selfie.

After taking your selfie Perfect with BrightCam, you can edit it with effects, filters and frames. Then just share it via Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and / or iMessage.

Very cool, huh? But remember: the world is not just made of selfies.