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In court, jury decides that Apple has to pay $ 234 million to the University of Wisconsin

The day before yesterday, we covered here on the website a process opened by University of Wisconsin more precisely for its patent licensing arm, the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation against Apple involving a patent it used on the A7, A8 and A8X processors of iPhones and iPads. At the time, we cited that Apple could be ordered to pay up to $ 862 million WARF.

Today, as reported by Reuters, the verdict came out. The jury determined that Apple had to pay ?only? $ 234 million WARF for patent infringement.

A WARF representative said the foundation was "very satisfied" with the determination, while an Apple spokesman said the company would still appeal the decision even though the value could increase with a possible inclusion of the A9 chips and Latest A9X (which equip the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus and iPad Pro).

Apple says it should pay only $ 0.07 in royalties per device sold, while WARF fetches $ 2.34. Let's follow

(via MacRumors)