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IBM strengthens commitment to Edge Computing and Artificial Intelligence solutions to increase resilience in companies

The launch of one of IBM's top online conferences is one of many changes that the century-old company has faced in the past few months with the COVID-19 pandemic forcing changes in the way technology works and responds to its customers. But Dario Gil, director of IBM's Research area and leader of the COVID-19 taskforce at the company, ensures that adaptation has been very quick, and that he is proud of the way IBM has put its technology at the service of fighting disease and effects on companies and companies. "In just a few days we put more than 95% of our resources into telework and we are doing this with our customers," he said at a press conference ahead of the Think Digital Conference.

The digital format has increased the number of registrants in IBM's annual conference to 80 thousand, when around 30 thousand people are usually present, and the company brings a series of news and technologies in its areas of focus, such as Cloud, Artificial Intelligence and Edge Computing, covering solutions for different sectors of activity.

The question of how the impact of the pandemic on the IT business will be inevitable, but IBM has a positive outlook. "We see an acceleration of the digital transformation of companies and a strengthening of automation", underlined Rob Thomas, senior vice president of data and cloud platforms, referring to several examples of large and medium-sized companies that are betting more on the Cloud. This is one of the areas where IBM will see an increase in investment in the coming months, reinforcing the idea that it is increasingly essential, together with automation tools that speed up operation, and security that becomes more critical in more work environments. distributed.

Despite the pandemic crisis environment, which anticipates a reduction in companies' investment in Information Technologies, the vision that companies must transform in order to become more resilient, and adapt to new contexts generated by COVID-19, does that IBM has also accelerated its development processes. The company is investing so that its innovation area can more quickly materialize developments in products that can be used by customers, and Rob Thomas uses the example of Watson Debater, which is now available for integration in 16 languages.

Solutions for the new 5G networks and the application of AI to companies

IBM's strategy to strengthen its leadership in HyperCloud, with the help of artificial intelligence, data management systems in Edge computing, is well present in the announcements planned for the Think Digital conference, where 5G is also one of the protagonists. telecommunications, in combination with Red Hat technology, materialize the launch of new solutions for the development of next generation networks.