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Control music and video playback on your Mac using gestures with ControlAir

Nowadays we control several devices through gestures on the screen. On computers, however, the dual mouse + keyboard is usually still the fastest and easiest way to perform tasks. This does not mean that from time to time it is not worth trying new forms of control, one of them involves ?gestures in the air?.

When we think about it, the first accessory that comes to mind is Leap Motion. However, there are other interesting solutions, with the ControlAir.

Sorry, app not found.

Compatible with MacBooks (Air and Pro) and iMacs, this app allows us to control the playback of music and videos on iTunes, QuickTime, Rdio, Spotify, VLC, VOX, etc. through gestures. All of this is possible thanks to the built-in Mac camera, which records and executes the command (fast forward, rewind, pause and play, in addition to increasing / decreasing the volume).

The video below gives us a good idea of ??how it works:

I tested the app and unfortunately the answer was not as accurate as in the promotional video (something I already imagined). The problem here that I use the Mac's screen a little bit more than normal to use ControlAir I need to ?calibrate? the camera so that it is well centered on your face. In addition, the lighting and the distance from your head to the Mac's camera also influence the experience.

My suggestion for those who liked the idea: download the app, follow the setup instructions and see if everything works well at. As it is free, you will not miss anything.

(via Electronist)