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Consumer Reports is another one to confirm that * there is * no #chipgate

If you didn't swallow what Apple said and / or were not satisfied with the test Ars Technica, now it was the Consumer Reports to evaluate the #chipgate controversy.

For those who don't remember CR, in 2010, they didn't recommend the iPhone 4 due to #Antennagate. She repeated the negative assessment in 2011 with the arrival of the iPhone 4 CDMA model, only stating that Apple solved this problem when the iPhone 4s was launched. Last year, at the #bendgate time, she concluded that the iPhones 6/6 Plus were not as ?bent? as imagined.

The cool thing, of course, is the possible differences between the A9 chips from Samsung and the TSMC found on iPhones 6s and 6s Plus. CR placed different devices configured in the same way under different tests simulating the actual use of smartphones and concluded that the differences between them are irreparable, 1-2% (even less than Apple had said).

"We did not find noticeable differences in battery life or temperature between the iPhone 6s models with different chips," concluded the organization.

, by the way this time there is no real #gate on iPhones

(via Cult of Mac)