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Apple seeks to retain talent by opening restricted stock program for all its employees

In an internal statement released yesterday, Tim Cook announced something quite unusual in big companies like Apple.

From now on, any and all employees can participate in the restricted shares program (restricted stock units, or RSUs) from Apple, which was previously limited to people in higher and executive positions. This includes even those who work at Apple Retail Stores and AppleCare support.

The employee stock purchase program (Employee Stock Purchase Plan, or ESPP) remains standing and allows everyone at Apple to purchase shares of the company at reduced prices. But in the restricted shares program, the board of directors itself grants roles to prominent employees, such as bonuses.

Apple's idea of ??doing so, of course, will further stimulate its employees and, by distributing RSUs, ensure that its great talents do not leave the company so easily. Tim Cook himself, for example, received 1 million RSUs when he succeeded Steve Jobs as CEO of Apple in 2011. Much of these shares he can only redeem from 2021.

NASDAQ: AAPL currently operates at a 1.62% high, quoted at $ 112.

(via 9to5Mac)