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Apple gets rid of supervisor who monitored his activities in the ebook market

When he lost a lawsuit filed by the United States Department of Justice (Department of Justice, or DoJ) involving ebook pricing, Apple now has all of its steps in this market monitored by Michael Bromwich (former DoJ inspector general).

United States Department of Justice (DoJ)

For this week, as informed by the Bloomberg, the DoJ was satisfied with this monitoring, claiming that Apple implemented changes to comply with the laws although it had a lot of friction and even stopped cooperating with Bromwich.

One of these frictions, incidentally, has to do with the supervisor's work method, which would be very intrusive (requesting meetings with executives and members of the company's board of directors at all times, many of these people who don't even have much connection with the company's business in the ebook market). In addition, Bromwich even charged $ 138,000 for two weeks of work, which Apple considered totally off-limits.

Apple claimed that it did have a difficult relationship with the supervisor, but that at no time was it unavailable to cooperate. In a letter addressed to Judge Denise Cote, Ma stated that it is committed to fulfilling its obligations, including conducting training / assessments of antitrust risks and audits.

(via AppleInsider)