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Tim Cook says the new Apple TV will go on sale next week; Apple Music already has 6.5 million paid subscribers

As we announced last month, Apple?s CEO, Tim Cook, participated this year for the second time following the WSJDLive conference organized by The Wall Street Journal. The interview with him by Gerard Baker, executive editor of the WSJ occurred this morning.

Here are the subjects that were discussed, in summary:

New Apple TV

Cook revealed that the long-awaited new set-top box da Ma will start to be sold next Monday, October 26, reaching the first consumers already next week. Recalling that, in the United States, it costs US $ 150 for the 32GB model and US $ 200 for the 64GB model; in Brazil, the values ??have not yet been released, although the product has already been approved by Anatel.

Apple Music

The polemic service of streaming Ma's music library already has 6.5 million paid subscribers and another 8.5 million in its period trial free, now totaling 15 million active users. The number is still relatively low compared to Spotify's more than 20 million paid subscribers (which has been in operation for nine years, remember), but Apple seems to be satisfied with its performance so far. At the beginning of August, there were 11 million still in the period trial.

Apple Watch

The CEO declined to answer a question about when the watch could be used entirely independently of the iPhone.


Apple's intention, according to Cook, was to bring ?the iPhone experience? to the car and it remains fully focused on that in the short term. The executive commented that he sees "a massive change" taking place in this industry (hum).


Cook maintained the ?official Apple speech? that users have a full right to their privacy and that the path to security does not install backdoors, but to offer the best possible encryption.