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The return to normality at Google may start in June, but the CEO says it won't be easy

The COVID-19 pandemic is having a profound impact on all sectors of the economy. At a time when the isolation measures implemented by governments around the world are showing signs that they will continue for a few more months, technological giants like Google try to plan the return to normalcy. According to CEO Sundar Pichai, company employees will be able to return to the offices as of June 1 at best.

In an internal memo sent to all Google employees, Sundar Pichai says that the process of transitioning from remote work to company offices will not be easy and will have to be carefully thought out. There will be no single approach and the specifications will change taking into account the locations, explains the responsible.

In the document to which the Business Insider had access, Sundar Pichai also states that not all employees will be able to return to the offices at the same time. Expect a phased return and spaced out in time, says the CEO, who also left a thank you to all Google employees who are carrying out duties outside the home.

The move to telecommuting due to the pandemic was also an opportunity for Google to rethink the way it works. According to Sundar Pichai, the company will use everything it has learned during the pandemic period to develop new ways of holding events, interacting with consumers and collaborating between teams.

It should be remembered that, even in early March, Google announced, that all US employees should work from home, if the function they perform permits. According to information provided by a spokesman for Google in the international press, the measure also applies to European officials.