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The One A9 looks more like a brother to the iPhone 6 / 6s than an evolution of the HTC device line

HTC this week launched a new smartphone, the One A9. It is true that we are talking about the same name used by Apple in its latest processor for iPads / iPhones and it would be great if the coincidences had ended by. But no.

HTC One A9

As the The Verge put it very well, the HTC device (which has a 5 inch screen) looks more like the middle brother of the 6 / 6s Plus family than an evolution of the M9 the image above does not let me lie.

The rounded corners, the metallic body, the circular True Tone flash and mainly the stripes (the device's antennas) make it a phone more like the iPhone than with the M9 itself. Justice is done: HTC used this type of design for the antennas and a metallic body even before Apple (in 2013, with the HTC One), but even though Ma copied it on the iPhone 6, he distanced himself a lot from the design original HTC One.

Those who played with the device said that the quality of the product is good and that the design, of course, still pleases that HTC made the same mistake as Samsung at the bottom of the product, as we can see in the image below.

HTC One A9What a misaligned thing, HTC! Image via PCMag.

But it is undeniable that it looks very, very much like the Apple phone. And not just because it has one or another characteristic similar to the iPhone, but because of the whole work.

But the big question: does it matter? Does this kind of questioning still make sense in an industry that everyone is copying everyone? Some more than the others, of course, but still

(tip from Robson Pinheiro)