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Tesla applied for a license for power supply in the UK

The power plant that Tesla built in Australia, considered the largest in the world based on Lithium energy, has a capacity to power 30,000 homes. This endeavor may have encouraged Elon Musk's company to start the energy business and submit the authorization documents to become a UK energy supplier, advances The Telegraph.

Analysts believe that this decision by Tesla may give rise to an impact on the country's energy scenario, even though the document does not clarify the reasons and plans for the respective submission. Masafirmam that they can relate to the expansion of the battery business, which the company has matured in recent years, intending to enter its technology in the British market.

Large-scale battery business, according to experts, may be essential in the near future, at a time when governments are looking for solutions to decarbonisation and reduce dependence on fossil fuels.

According to the newspaper, another purpose for submitting the license may be the introduction of the Autobidder platform in the country, which serves as an intermediary that allows independent energy producers to monetize their battery systems. The technology is based on a machine learning system and cloud to optimize battery packs and distribution infrastructure.

Finally, the license may also be linked to a recent partnership with Octopus Energy, in the United Kingdom, to offer more economical electricity tariffs for those with Tesla cars and solar panels, such as Powerwall, also from the company.