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Startup who worked on electric motorcycles files for bankruptcy and blames Apple

In the midst of all the rumors of an Apple vehicle, there is a boring news, but it adds fuel to the fire.

THE Mission Motors, an startup founded in 2007 working on electric motorcycle projects, it recently filed for bankruptcy. Until then, the news would not have to be given here.

However, as Reuters, the company's director, Derek Kaufman, blames most of the blame on that Apple. At least two ex-Mission Motors employees went to Malaysia in 2012, and from last year to another dozen moved to Cupertino.

If even for a Tesla Apple has given you a headache, imagine for a small company. ?Mission had an excellent group of engineers, especially with knowledge of electric vehicles. Apple knew that, she wanted it, went back and got it, ?said Kaufman.

Without a good job, Mission Motors lost breath to get new investors and ended up never being able to sell one of its motorcycles for sale. What a thing.