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Patent suggests new camera configuration for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2

Samsung's second model of foldable screen smartphone, the Galaxy Z Flip, was recently launched on the market, but there are already rumors of its successor. This time it was the registration of a patent that covers its second model. Aesthetically they look very similar, but the document notes an update to its camera system, featuring a set of three lenses on its rear.

As usual, to help better understand the technical information and drawings introduced in the WIPO patent regulatory document, the Dutch website Lets Go Digital created a three-dimensional model of the hypothetical equipment. The new model can serve to rectify one of the most criticized points of the original, the poor quality of the photographs, for an equipment of this caliber, largely due to the use of only two lenses.

tek Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2

The two drawings show a different alignment of cameras, one vertical and the other horizontal, which forces you to move around the small screen with quick information. In the case of the vertical arrangement of the sensors, the small screen enlarges and offers more information.

With regard to equipment with foldable screens, Samsung will launch the successor to the Galaxy Fold during the second half of this year. Considering that the manufacturer is also working on the Z Flip 2, this should only be launched in the beginning of 2021, in the best scenarios. The leaks and rumors with information are expected to intensify throughout the year.