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Oppenheimer analyst says new iMac is a better deal than competitors Dell and HP

Oppenheimer analyst Yair Reiner compared yesterday the new iMac with competing offers from Dell and Hewlett-Packard and concluded that Apple, this time, is ahead of this without taking into account the operating system itself, of course, which for itself alone provides an immeasurable advantage.

Three models from the companies placed side by side show that the iMac beats the all-in-ones from Dell and HP based on price / performance. The $ 1,500 model, for example, offers a faster CPU, more RAM and equivalent (or even better) graphics, while being $ 100-250 cheaper than competitors. It just doesn't come with a TV tuner for an upgrade that costs in the $ 60-100 range.

iMac compared to Dell and HP

I did not understand why he did not highlight the Intel Core 2 Quad processor from Dell as the winner in the respective question now, double the cores of the other two! , but a detail to note. Still, the table is valid.